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Welcome to Emmanuel

Our desire as a church is to help you meet God primarily in a personal, life-changing encounter that effects your eternity. We believe this can be done individually, in small groups, and as a gathered body. Individually God has destined each believer to be conformed to the image of Christ and to be about the Father’s business. Jesus commissioned each believer to go into all the world to accomplish this.

Small groups provide for a network of support for seasoned as well as new believers and provide a point of accountability that is real and personal. Our gathered body in worship provides strength and unity as we worship the Almighty.

It is also our desire to meet needs. We understand that each person is not only needy for a Savior, but also, since we live in a fallen world, needy for understanding, comfort, and assurance as well as many other needs present in our world today.


Stained glass becomes the backdrop as we sing traditional, updated traditional, and current songs about our awesome God. Scripture provides the inspiration to transform our lives. There are no coat and tie expectations.


We’ll admit it we call it Sunday School. We offer classes for all ages, and we offer classes for the adults without regard of age. We use trusted resources in all of our classes. There are also opportunities outside of Sunday mornings for groups to meet and learn.


Sometimes we eat, sometimes we sing, every time we pray, learn and fellowship.

Ministry Happens Here

We seek to be a church on mission in our community and beyond.

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9:00 AM Sunday School

10:15 AM Worship


6:00 PM Prayer and Share

Watching “The Chosen” Season Three